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Art Summary: August, 2019

Month #69 (drawing for 5 years 9 months)
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What I was about the whole month

Okay, this month I've tried to recover, and it kind of worked out, at least at some degree.

drawing summary, August 2019

I was in a countryside, so the subject matter was predefined. En plein air.

To make things a bit more interesting, I've decided to start trying different stuff each and every day (so it'll be easier to *recover*, yeah). Different media (pens, colored pencil, watercolor, sepia, charcoal, you name it). Different places/situations (at night, rainy weather, in a forest, etc). While fishing, for example:

drawing summary, August 2019

But it happened to be not the best idea to draw under the rain, though.

drawing summary, August 2019

Some pen drawings and thumbnail sketches:

drawing summary, August 2019

Quick watercolor sketch (it was quite a pleasure to paint it just because I haven't touched watercolors for ages, I almost forgot how painting is great... brushes, palette, these colors...):

drawing summary, August 2019

And another one achievement: painting outdoors digitally!

drawing summary, August 2019

A bit contradictory month, that should be said. Ok, I finally started to draw (I mean, not one drawing per month), but with this level of effort I'll never improve, and so it makes this casual practice pointless if not time wasting.



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