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Art Summary: May, 2019

Month #66 (drawing for 5 years 6 months)
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What I was about the whole month

Okay, finally I did it. The most unproductive month ever, since the very beginning. One drawing in total, and not even a "drawing", just a quick doodle, "at least something"...

drawing summary

And the funny thing is, I've purchased lots of different pens to sketch at the beginning of the month, but I still haven't unpacked them... Yeah, I have plans to sketch a lot this month, but yet again, something went wrong. Nope, it isn't an "art block", just a pure mess with all my other routines and duties, so no room for drawing, and that's in regard to overall attitude, not a time. It's quite easy to find at least a bit of spare time to draw, but attitude is a key. I wasn't too busy, I was too overwhelmed.

new pens for sketching

But being optimistic, I can see a bright side as well. I mean, the following months will be much, much better. Because it couldn't be any worse, unless, of course, I'll give up. But I will not.



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