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Art Summary: April, 2019

Month #65 (drawing for 5 years 5 months)
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What I was about the whole month

Ah, well... Just another one unproductive month, probably around 10 hours of drawing in total, for the whole month. Sad.

drawing summary

On the other hand, it wasn't so bad as well, because I've tried a few things I've always wanted to, but never did, for one reason or another.

The first thing I've finally tried, was sketching from videos. Without stopping or pausing it. And yep, I consider it as a must have practice. Don't get the wrong idea, though. The real goal should be practicing live/life sketching, i. e. sketching in public places, in transport, in cafes, in parks, etc. And not architecture or nature, but people or animals, something that is constantly moving. In this case there will be no option to "copy", only to "sketch", grasping the essence, the gesture. Blah-blah-blah.

Sounds cool, but at the same time it's something hard to maintain as a regular habit. For one reason or another. It may be "not comfortable yet" to draw in public, or no time to go and sit somewhere in the middle of the day.

So, then what? Endless "photo studies"? But it's a whole different story, not about "quick grasping"...

Sketching from streaming videos! Quite a good (semi)solution without any other options available. I have this idea in mind for a long, long time, but actually tried it only this month.

Perhaps just a coincidence, but I was watching lots of Ray Dalio interviews lately.

And so, let it be!

sketching from videos

And the result is... not a pure fail, just a pure trash. Which is different. Failing something in drawing is just not drawing it, that's all. While "trash" is at least something. At least not a fail. Sounds not so bad from that point of view, huh.

sketching from streaming video

After a few watched/sketched interviews, some sketches appears to be kinda "okay". Nothing new, though. Practice makes whatever it makes.

Thumbnail sketches, all by imagination. Something one should do daily. Something I don't do daily. Something I will do daily. I hope I will.

thumbnail sketches

Geometrical compositions, misc sketches, some of them in colour (finally!) Nothing interesting nor special, just a regular practice. I mean, just a practice that is supposed to be regular... Ah, well, whatever...

And one sheet of paper with generic random scribbles:

misc sketches

Okay... But that's not all. The one thing I've also wanted to draw is a fan-art based on music videos. Yep, I'm a big fan of music videos. For me it's just like a short films. But with music.

photo study

Started, but didn't finish. Have no time, have no energy... Anyways, that's not important (or bad). What is really important (or good) is that I've finally started to do what I wanted to do.

Source, btw:

And now that's all. So, this month was bad. But wasn't completely failed at the same time. In other words, "as always". Which is sad.



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