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I've started to draw on December 21st, 2013, at the age of 26.

Why? I still can't answer it. It's just happened, without any reason. I've never wanted to be an artist or whatever, and I've never been into art as well. However, once in a while, I've asked myself, "It may be quite an interesting hobby, and giving it a try won't hurt, right?" Probably, it wasn't a pure coincidence after all. More like a happy accident. Anyways, who cares.

Long story short, from that day on, art became a valuable part of my life, not just a regular hobby. And still is.

This "All my drawings" project

From the very beginning, I've decided to track all my journey and share all my experience and thoughts with others.

After I've read my first book (it was "Drawing on the right side of the brain" by Betty Edwards) I published a blog post and attached all drawings I've made. Yep, not the best ones, but literally all of them. Why? Because otherwise it wouldn't be the whole picture.

As time goes, I was keeping on writing summaries, reviewing books, discussing ideas and so on. As well as I was still publishing all drawings I've made, each of them. It was just a habit, without any expectations.

At the same time, as a beginner, I was very interested in other artists' experience. Do they have the same problems? Do they struggle as much as I do? Am I the only one failing practically each and every attempt to draw something?

Suddenly, it was something hard to find. Nobody wanted to share negative experience, only positive one. Even if I asked directly, the answer was practically always "no". Ok, it's quite reasonable and all... But the problem is still there - "bright side" (good drawings, high skill) is just a part of the picture and tells nothing. The real thing is a "dark side", all these failures and endless suffering...

And so this project was created, with an intention to show a real story of an another one wannabe artist, with no attempt to put it any better or worse than it is, just real.

Sure thing, I also want to make this site as helpful as I can, on top of my skills, experience and passion. And who knows, probably someday AllMyDrawings will become a valuable, helpful and inspiring source for anybody who admires art as much as I do.

You can take a look at all my current ideas and how it's going on in general by visiting this public Trello board It's always up to date!

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or anything else you came up with, please email me at Thank you!

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