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Month #9 August 2014

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Figure constuction Constructing figure Spine and figure Constructing human figure A pottery pot Form and connections Rib cage and pelvis Figure construction Form connections Inventing forms Constructing body Anatomy study Body construction Upper body study Figure construction Studying figures Forms and connections Forms and connections studies Upper body construction Various studies Figure study Sakura sketch Sakura Sakura in 3/4 view Anime figure contructing Upper body construction Form connections Spatial thinking exercises A pottery pot Life sketches Constructive sketches Figure construction Upper body construction Sakura from Naruto Vase construction Head construction Studying head Form connections A metal pan Observational sketches Sakura upperbody Figure studies An old diascope Observational sketches Anime girl Construction studies An old metal kettle Boots' sketches Head in perspective Manga facial expressions Manga girls heads A vacuum flask Observational skethes A milk churn Life sketches Anime heads A plastic bottle Sternomastoid muscle Upper body anatomy Upper body anatomy studies Anatomy studies Anime girl figure Anatomy figure study Hand studies and anime heads Hammer Shovel Axe Knife in sheath Sketching from life Anime/manga emotions Constructing upper body Anatomy figure study Forms studies Anime heads Connecting forms Legs and drapery study Value study Anime girl construction Head form sketches Anatomy and perspective studies Anime body studies Simplified upper body Figure upper body studies Cloth and other studies Collar in use Anime girls upper body Anime girl Various sketches from life Anime girls sketches A sieve Observational sketches Form studies Eye and ear studies A pottery pot Frontal bone of a skull A mug Basic forms studies Joe Dassin potrait A coffee cup Boots sketches Anime heads Basic forms studies Basic forms combinations Studying boxes Value studies, sketches Anime heads in 3/4 Sketching skull Observational sketches Anime girls heads Life sketches Skull study Pairs of boxes Sketching from observation