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Month #8 July 2014

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Still life with a truncated pyramid Still life with a pyramid Still life with a cube Still life with a cube Alizee Circles Alizee Circles Drawing geometric forms Basic forms Solids of revolution Studying solids of revolution Cylinders and boxes Top and bottom of cylinder Cylinder studyies Basic solids Alizee Circles Alizee Circles Constructing geometric solids Practicing solids Still life with a cylinder Cylinder still life Still life, cylinder A still life with a cylinder Still life with a laying cylinder Still life, laying cylinder A still life with a laying cylinder Laying cylinder Basic forms Prism, cube, cylinder Basic geometric forms Two cubes Studying spheres Sphere study Spheres study Sphere values and shadows Forms based on cube Complex forms Form studies Complex compound forms Value study Studying value Eggs Egg sketches Still life with cylinder and cube Still life, cone, cylinder, cube Geometric forms still life Cone and cube still life Still life: cylinder and cube Still life with cube and cylinder Cylinder and cube Circles Cubes practice Cube sketches Basic forms sketches Basic forms Construction practice Form studies Based on cube objects New forms from basic ones Still life with a wooden box Transmission tower insulator Still life with dustpan Building new forms Still life with beer tin and a can Practicing drawing forms Objects from basic froms Different objects Constructing can Form studies Constructing vase Value study Still life with a milk can A vase Sketching from observation Sketches from observation Anime eyes Anime head in different styles Anime heads in different views Adult anime faces Fuller-figured character Anime child head Sketching stuff Sketching life Sketching things Sketches from observation Anime facial expressions Manga expressions Still life with a water flask Sketching from observation The anime teen girl The manga teen girl Teen manga girl Anime manga girl Anime teen girl Anime teen girl Anime teen girl Anime teen girl Anime teen girl Anime teen girl Anime girl Manga girl Anime heads Construction anime head Manga heads in 3/4 Anime heads Anime eyes and face feautres Constructing manga head Manga heads Anime emotions Sketches Sketching from observation Standing anime girl The manga teen boy Father in manga style Fuller-figured anime girl Anime kid Chibi Manga heads Manga heads Walking anime girl Anime kissing and fight Anime cloth Anime jeans/t-shirs Anime heads Anime heads in 3/4 Anime heads sketches Anime head base Anime head form Anime heads practicing Anime head construction Constructing manga head Manga face sketches Manga heads Manga expressions Anime haircuts Anime haircuts Anime haircuts Anime heads and haircuts Laughing anime girls Anime heads Manga heads in 3/4 Anime heads and figures Anime figure constuction Drawing manga figure Constructing manga figure Anime figure drawing Anime figure studies Anime figure and proportions Construction anime girl Manga figure constuction Figure drawing Body construction Figure study Anime heads Studying forms Upper body anime figures Figure drawing Manga head shape Constructing anime head Constructing manga head Anime head studies Figure drawing Figure and perspective studies Rib cage and pelvis Forms based on box Rib cage studies Anime heads and perspective Perspective studies Studying perspective Sakura and studies Anime and other studies