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Month #5 April 2014

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The divided ball and plane method Still life with cups, bottle and cellphone Still life with a cup, pipe and cigarettes Still life: pipe, cup, pack of cigarettes Still-life with pipe, cup, cigarettes Alizee Still-life: pack of cigarettes, cup, pipe Still life: cellphone, cup, cigarettes Face sketches Sketching faces Still life: bottled water, pipe, cigarettes Drawing heads Still life with pyramid Still life: cigarettes, cup, pyramid Head constructing Salvador Dali Cup, pipe, cigarettes, pyramid Still life: pyramid, cup, pipe Figures in action Figure drawing Still life with 2 pipes Still life with cup, pipe and pyramid Still life with egg, pot and cup Drawing suit Drawing dress Drawing hats Still life: pipe, cup, pyramid Lines practice Still life: cup, jug, pipe Ground shadows Still life with bottled water, cup and pipe Figures and perspective Still life: pot, pipe, cup Perspective studies Chair in a perspective 1 and 2 point perspective House study Interior drawings Perspective studies Boxes in perspectve Still life: cup, pipe, pot Basic shapes study Solid forms 3d shapes Smoking pipes 3d forms Smoking pipes Practicing lines Perspective studyies Sketching hand Composition from basic forms Perspective study Composition from basic forms Head proportions Body proportions Combining forms Cup, pipe and cubes Head construction Form studies Head construction and proportions Perspective studies Head construction and proportions Still life: pipe, cup, matchbox Perspective practice Planes of a head 3d forms Perspective studyies Still life with pipe, cup, matchbox Constructing forms