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Month #3 February 2014

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Gesture practice Hand sketches Leela and Calculon Gesture drawing My hand sketches Sketching my hand Gestures Leela Lisa Simpson and Doctor Zoidberg Professor Farnsworth, Fry and Bender Hand sketchies Stan, Hayley and Roger Archer Ray Charles Homer, Bart and Mr. Burns A man and his shadow Bill Hicks Stuff on my table A chair Building Hall Skyscraper Still life sketches Gestures Sketching figures Reflective surfaces Headphones and a cup Still life with Santa hat Still life with headphones and Santa hat Santa hat still life Still life and value studies Still life with cups Santas hat on the window Self-portrait Sketching things Hand sketches and pupil Homer, cups, studies Doodles Alizee, Gesture drawing Gesture drawing Gesture drawing Gesture drawing Gesture drawing Francoise Hardy Eye, nose and lips