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Month #2 January 2014

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My hand Headphones Leela Amy Wong A sketch of my table V sign Plastic tea-pot Leela My working desk Bender and stapler Professor and stapler Lighter, matchbox, pipe holder Fry and Leela Bender Hand, matchboxes, pyrimids Leela, pyramids, adaptors Fry and life sketches Hand sketches and pyramids Smoking pipe sketches Roosevelt's head Professor Farnsworth and matchboxes Hands and pyramids Observational sketches Fry Amy Wong Leela with a tablet laptop Glasses, hand and pyramids Gesture drawing Leela and Fry Alizee dancing Alizee reclining Alizee portrait Leela and line exercises Gesture drawing Gesture drawing Gesture drawing Circle practice Gesture drawing Gesture drawing Straight lines practice Gesture drawing Amy and Zoidberg Hand sketches Value studies Gesture drawing The Simpsons Family Guy