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Month #14 January 2015

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Value chart Perspective study, simple forms Still-life with a cube Sketching cubes A cube still life Sketching cubes Cube sketches A cube, still-life Sketching cubes Drawing value charts A cube still life Cubes and ellispes A cube, still-life Cubes and ellipses Cubes from observation A cube Head construction Simplified head in 3/4 Cubes, ellipses Studying heads Head construction Sketching cubes Various studies Simplified head sketches Head study Head study Sketching cubes Studying portraits, simplification Head planes Head studies Studying heads Head study Studying heads Cube sketches Value studies: spoon, cigarette and matches A screwdriver Cube sketches Spoon, pencil and computer mouse A handkerchief Cubes from observation Value study of a spoon, usb modem and pack of matches A serving spoon Cube sketches from observation Value study, spoon and matches Crumpled piece of paper Cube sketches A spoon and a pack of matches A piece of fabric A spoon, a pack of matches and a lighter A wallet Sketching cubes A spoon and a pack of matches A smoking pipe