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Month #12 November 2014

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Drawing interiors Drawing room Finding a center Perspective center Alizee sketches Sketching Alizee Figure sketching Figure sketching Drawing anime heads Cylinders in perspective Ellipses and cylinders. Figure drawing Figure drawing Ellipses study Anime heads Figure drawing Head sketches Figure drawing Figure drawing Anime heads Anime heads, front view Sketching figures Figure drawing Cone studies Cones in perspective Figure drawing Studying ellipses Perspective studies Figure in front and 3/4 view Anatomy studies Heads' sketches Dividing surface in perspective Simplified figure studies Head constructing Anatomy of an upper body Anatomy studies Shadows and light source Shadows from various objects Figure sketches Figure sketches Emma Watson portrait sketches Reflection study Scene with reflections Studying perspective Figure drawing Looking up pespective Rooms and buildings in perspective Looking up and down Composing simple forms Drawing simple objects Figure drawing Figure drawing Figure drawing Looking downhill Sketching portraits Figure sketches Figure drawing Figure drawing Figure drawing Figure drawing Alizee, J'en Ai Marre Drawing figure Figure drawing Figure drawing Box with other forms Skeleton studies Studying skeleton and bones Basic forms compositions Figure drawing Anime girls Anime heads Intersections with basic forms Constructing figures Anime girl with a box head Anime girl in skirt Anime body studies Still life with a vase sketches Still life with a vase Bender study Bender's head studies Bender's head studies Anime head consctuction Bender sketch