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Month #10 September 2014

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Anime upper body sketches Anime head basic form Promotional anime girl Rib cage and pelvis studies Groups of boxes Various constructive studies A mug Boots and slippers sketches Head and neck connection Basic form studies A draw-well An apple tree bench A cup Boots, slippers and sandals Banya entrance Horizontal bar Apples Outdoors sketches Upper body studies Rib cage and pelvis studies Basic constructive sketches Flying boxes Wooden banya A draw-well A porch A wicket gate Apple bench Inside a banya Izba Izba Wooden shed Raspberry stick Studying figure Figure study Upper body construction Upper body construction Form studies Lots of flying boxes Boxes on boxes A lot of boxes Different forms sketches A bunch of boxes Various forms studies Boxes studies Studying basic forms Drawing boxes Basic forms Boxes in perspective A pottery pot Sketching boots A boot Boots sketches. Eye, nose and lips studyies Head and skull studies Observational sketches Basic forms studies Sketching from observation Forms studies Sketches from observation Simple forms studies Still life with a chess figures sketches Boxish plant Still life with a tennis ball sketches Studying boxes Still life with an apple sketches Various forms Still life with a boot sketches Various simple forms Observational sketches Sketching different objects Practicing various forms Boxes and other forms