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Month #1 December 2013

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Self-portrait George Carlin My hand Handwriting Vases or faces Igor Stravinsky Leela Bender Professor Farnsworth Fry Sailor Moon Zoidberg Leela's face and contour drawing Leela with a gun Leela thinking Leela eating honey Leela's heads Leela's haircut Leelas and contour drawing Leela and blind contour drawing exersices Leela and blind contour drawing exersices Leela and Amy Laughing Fry Leela and Fry with devil's hands Leela in a dress Blind contour drawing Leela standing Angry Leela Leela Clobberella Blind contour drawing exercise My hand Leela at the table Contour drawing of palm's wrinkes A hand with a pencil Crossed fingers hand A fist Leela Leela Sakura Surprised Sakura A hand on a toned paper Negative space drawing of a chair Negative space drawing A corner of a room Blind pure contour drawing My glasses A chair Corner of a room with a door Sitting Leela A hand with a pencil L from Death Note Madame Pierre Gautreau potrait A profile portrait of a woman Self-portrait by Gustave Courbet Alizee A hand with a card Leela standing Sakura Alizee My hand Leela back view Sitting L Alizee with a microphone My crossed feet Me feet Crossed feet A smoking pipe A smoking pipe Sailor Moon Standing Sailor Moon My hand Leela at a ticket office Smiling Sakura Alizee Alizee with long hair Palm of the hand Leela Pikachu A hand Leela at the table Leela with hands crossed Leela Alizee in a hat Alizee and an eye study Alizee A coffee cup Leela Zoidberg's head Leela's heads Leela's heads Leela's heads View of Arles Scenery from Futurama Leela gesture drawing Fry gestures Futurama gestures Fry and Leela gestures Futurama characters gestures Farnsworth and Leela gestures Bender and Zoidberg gestures Leela sketches Cluttered table Busy corner of a room Tonal bars Howard Search Leela Leela Bad Fry and Hermes skeches Leela and Amy sketches Leela and Fry sketches Sketching my table