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Month #1 December 2013

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Igor Stravinsky Fry Leela with a gun Leela and Amy Laughing Fry Leela and Fry with devil's hands Leela in a dress Leela standing Angry Leela Leela Clobberella Leela Surprised Sakura My glasses A chair Sitting Leela A hand with a pencil L from Death Note Madame Pierre Gautreau potrait A profile portrait of a woman A hand with a card Leela standing Sakura Alizee Crossed feet A smoking pipe Sailor Moon My hand Smiling Sakura Alizee with long hair Pikachu A hand Leela at the table Leela with hands crossed View of Arles Scenery from Futurama Cluttered table Busy corner of a room Tonal bars Howard Search Leela Bad Sketching my table