All my drawings



I've started to draw on December 21st, 2013, at the age of 26.

Why? I still can't answer it. Just a coincidence, I guess. I've never wanted to be an artist or whatever, and I've never been into art as well. However, once in a while, I've asked myself, "It may be quite an interesting hobby, and giving it a try won't hurt, right?"

So, from that day on, art became a valuable part of my life, not just a regular hobby.

This "All my drawings" project

For quite a long time this “project” was a part of my Russian blog. But then I decided to move it on a separate domain. So here it is, all my drawings.

I mean, literally all, with no exceptions, from the first one to the last one (current month’s drawings not included and will be added at the beginning of the following month as usual).

Back then when I started drawing, I was very interested in others’ drawings, especially studies.

But for the obvious reasons all publish only their best works. Pretty reasonable. It have no sense to post bad works when you have a good ones.

Okay, no problem.

But it may give a wrong idea to those who study art on their own without any classes. Am I the most unskilled and untalented one? Why, why 99% of all my drawings are so awful? Why other beginners do not have these creepy drawings? Am I doing something wrong?

The answer is simple, though. All have bad, very bad drawings. But practically nobody wants to publish them. And that’s a problem.

Bad works are as important as a good ones. Without bad there will not be any good. 99% of bad drawings is just a “fair cost” in order to get this 1%.


So I’ve decided that I would publish bad drawings as well. Or, in other words, all drawings. All of them. Each and every one. Because it doesn’t matter how bad or good they are - all of them just a part of process of studying art.

I thought it may be helpful for someone, just like an example how some guy tries to teach himself to draw. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But if there is just a little chance that it really will - then it’s worth it for sure.